Land monitoring

24 Administration in the Sphere of Land Relationships

2.4. Land monitoring

Land monitoring is defined in law as a system of monitoring land characteristics for the purpose of timely identification of changes, their assessment, preventing harmful processes and mitigating their effects” (§ 1. art. 191 LCU).

Land monitoring is governed by art. 22 LU On environmental protection (as a component of environmental monitoring), arts. 191-192 LCU, arts. 5, 8, 9 LU On state control over land use and protection (addresses soil monitoring of agricultural lands), the Regulation of the CoM On approval of the rules on land monitoring of 20.08.1993 №661, the Regulation of CoM On the rules of state environmental monitoring system of 30.03.1998 №391.

NB. The Center for hydro-meteorology performs monitoring of agricultural soils pollution with pesticides on 35 parcels in 18 oblasts, and with heavy metals  - in 20 settlements. Samples are collected each 5 years, and in cities of Costyantynivka and Mariupol for heavy metals annually. State Environmental Inspection periodically collects samples at 600 industrial sites. State environmental inspection and sanitary service authorities periodically collect samples on agricultural lands, in residential areas and recreational zones of settlements1.

NB. Despite rather extensive legal regulation due to some subjective and objective reasons land monitoring does not constitutes comprehensive system2.

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